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Man’s Best Friend

Although I did not want the dog we now have at first, he has turned out to be a pretty smart, well trained friend of the family that keeps us company when we are in need.

We got him when he was just about 8 weeks old. There was a list of people looking for small lap dogs, so unless you wanted to pay $1000 + from a breeder, you were either going on the list and waiting until someone brought one in or one was found and never claimed at the humane society.

We decided we would do our homework and look for a dog that was both hypoallergenic, small and a breed that was known to be smart and train well. We finally found a breed that we would like which was anything mixed with a poodle. We searched high and low and finally found a Lhasa Poo, which is part poodle and part Lhasa Apso. He was located eight hours away at a cost of $350. The good part was it was close to my brother in laws family so we made a visit out of it as well.

We picked up Buster when he was a little bigger then my two hands together. He was so small he was able to fit under the couch, which only had about three inch clearance from the floor. He was lonely for his family when we first got him, but he soon became accustomed to us.

We quickly were able to house train him so he was going outside to go to the bathroom, and he was sitting, laying down and rolling over within an evening of treats.

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