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Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

Christmas 1979 (ish). We didn’t have a lot of money. My foster dad and I lived humbly in a one bedroom home. My dad slept out on the couch in the living room, which later in life he replaced with a bed as he was getting older. I had the one bedroom, that had two beds in it, which was great when I had friends sleep over.

My father was on old age pension, and at that time probably making $90 a month, and that’s probably generous, for fostering me as well. I called him dad because he was the closest thing I had to a dad from the time I was two weeks old.

My friends and classmates had been anxiously awaiting for Christmas, like we had every year. It was the time of year we loved most, even more then summer vacation I think. There were a lot of toys that had come out that year, but unfortunately I knew that I wasn’t going to be one of the kids that was spoiled. I knew I would get something, but every year was a surprise.

When the day finally arrived, I darted form my room, to the Christmas tree and stocking that was awaiting me. I opened the sticking first which of course held the usual oranges, candy canes and walnuts. Woohoo, not on to the tree. As I turned to look at the tree, to my surprise I saw two presents for me, one from Santa and one from my dad.

I looked at him with a surprised look because normally there was only one gift from Santa under the tree. He looked back at me with a simple smile, and said « go ahead and open them up. »

I grabbed the first gift that was from my dad. It was a large, square gift, but only about 2-3 inches thick. I started to tear off the paper, excited to see what this odd shaped thing could be. As the wrapping game away, it unveiled a crokinole board game. Now I can’t remember now how excited I was to get this game, but I do remember having it for years to come after that and it was well played.

I reached for the gift from Santa, wrapped in some simple Christmas paper with Santa’s face all over it. It was a much smaller rectangle box, which the shape did not really make me think it was one particular gift. I shook it and nothing rattled. So, I began to rip at the paper again. This time, as the paper came off, it started to reveal a red object on the box. It was king of square, no rectangle, and looked like a phone. I could not figure out what this oddly shaped gift was. As I tore all the paper off, it revealed that this phone looking device was a Merlin. Hmmm, a Merlin. What is a Merlin. As I took it out of the box and started to read the instructions, I slowly began to

get more and more excited. It played Tic, Tac, Toe, music machine, echo, a memory game similar to Simon, blackjack 13, magic square, a pattern game similar to lights out and mindbender, a game similar to mastermind. To make a long story short, not only was I excited about this, but I also had many years of fun with this electronic device until it was finally put to rest due to overuse.

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