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Its A Colourful World

Its A Colourful World


So my wife and I went to a stag and stag last night. Yes it is two males that are getting married. Now being from a small redneck community, I had my apprehensions over the years about homosexual relationships, but as the years went on, and I met men and women that are in relationships with the same-sex, I have learned that it is not a disease or contagious. I actually enjoy the conversations and discussions that I have had with my newly found friends.

So we went to this stag and stag, which had a toga theme. My wife went out looking for costumes at our local costume store and did not see anything worth the money that needed to be spent. She went to the local Fabricland store and purchased what was required to construct two costumes manually.

I am pretty easy-going so when I got home from work, she had the outfits ready to try on so she could make any alterations that needed to be done. I agreed with what she had made and was happy with the results.

As we got to the party, we noticed that a number of people had purchased their outfits from the same store that my wife had visited. There were a lot of women that had the same Cleopatra type outfit on, which made us feel great because my wife was going to buy the same outfit.

While dinner was being served, we had one of the local crossdressing entertainers come out to sing and provide some hilarious comical out takes with the people who were dining around us. He/she provided a master of ceremonies type of presence, helping with the games that were going on like musical chairs and also with the raffles and draws that are the usual part of a stag. There were really cool prizes to be had and definitely stuff that people desired but wouldn’t normally go out to purchase.

As the dinner ended, and all the prizes were raffled off, the dancing began. I myself like to dance especially after a few drinks, so I was not only dancing with my wife, but other female partners as well. The evening went on as per usual and everyone drank and danced like there was no care in the world. The crossdresser comedian was sitting by our table because he/she knew the couple that we had come with.

As the evening went on, we noticed a colourful couple had joined the party, which at first looked like a couple that had crashed he party. As they walked up to the bar, one woman had blonde hair and wore only a sheer mesh that was see through and barely covered her lower parts. You could see through the mesh that revealed her underwear. Normally this would be a good thing in my eyes to see, but I was informed that it was a guy dressed as a girl. I had to question this as this woman did not look like a guy. The second woman had colourful hair, and also wore mesh that barely covered anything.

They danced and drank with he rest of us, with no shame or concern that they were not wearing anything close to the toga theme. As I sat there still thinking that these women were actually women, I started to think about how these guys dressed as women really didn’t give a shit about what other people thought about how they were dressed or what they looked like. I suddenly became impressed with how they looked, not that I would ever decide to dress that way, but the fact that they could venture out in public, knowing they could be part of ridicule and really could care less.

Too many people care about what other people think about them now a days. They need to have the best stuff, or compete with what their neighbour has so they will look just as important or even better and can win that invisible status prize.

I was never one of those people growing up. I did not try to fool people into thinking I was better than them and I really couldn’t care if anyone was better than myself. I truly believe that we are all the same, we all have our own hidden talents and would love to be able to show those talents but unfortunately some of us are unable to show that talent whether because we feel different or afraid of making a fool of ourselves to others.

The stag and stag helped me come back to reality and realize, I don’t give a damn what other people think, but rather feel sorry for those that need to try to prove something they are not.

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