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Rippln Mobile App – Have You Started Your Ripple?

Rippln Mobile App – Have You Started Your Ripple?


Rippln Mobile App – Have You Started Your Ripple?

Last week when I was chatting with one of my RCC buddies on Skype, he asked me if I was signed up for Rippln. I replied « No, what the heck is it? »

He sent me the video on what it was and said « watch the video, give me your email or mobile number, then I will send you an email which will have a code in it. Then go to the website and create an account, its free, and enter the code I gave you when prompted. »

I have to say it is one of the cooler apps that I have seen. It is not out as of yet, but when it does come out, I want to be part of it. Imagine that, getting paid to spread the word. I never got paid from Facebook or Twitter.

I decided to do a little homework on the app, to see if there was much information out about it. Below is what I have found.

Rippln Mobile App is a mix of network marketing and mobile marketing to give users a chance to earn money while playing and sharing the Rippln Mobile App. It’s an application for mobile devices with which users can communicate with each other, interact with advertising and buy third-party affiliate offers and other apps through.

The website was registered on 23rd of September 2012. As of April 2013 est. 200,000 free affiliates are registered. Corporate offices are most likely at the same address as bHip Global, in Melissa, Texas, USA.

Affiliate membership to Rippln is free. Free affiliates must recruit 5 new free affiliates in order to qualify as a Player Affiliate.

Player Affiliate’s can then opt in to become either Domestic Affiliates – earn on downline who are in the same country as the Domestic Affiliate – or Global Affiliates, earn on a global downline.


I would like to help everyone start their ripple. Send me a quick email with your name and email address and I will send you a code back so you can create your account, and start your ripple. Its free and heck, we might as well get paid to make other people rich! welcomesuccess@shaw.ca


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