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Food Bourne Diseases and YOU!

I thought I would share some information that people should already know. I cooked for a total of 16 years and also did my Chef Training Apprenticeship at college. I could have written for my red seal to be a chef but unfortunately where I a from the Chef positions are far and few between, […]

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A Chef That Makes Muffins? Not A Chance!

A Chef That Makes Muffins? Not A Chance! http://www.welcometosuccessonline.com/a-chef-that-makes-muffins-not-a-chance/ I graduated from Chef Training with my apprenticeship back in 2002. I was working as a cook at the time and had 11 years of experience under my belt. My strength was I could determine what went with what as A Chef That Makes Muffins? Not […]

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Its A Colourful World

Its A Colourful World http://www.welcometosuccessonline.com/its-a-colourful-world/ So my wife and I went to a stag and stag last night. Yes it is two males that are getting married. Now being from a small redneck community, I had my apprehensions over the years about homosexual relationships, but as the years went on, and I met men and […]

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